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EXECUTIONER "The Storm After the Calm"
After a ten year hiatus Executioner has decided to release "The Storm After the Calm". Recorded in 1990 it features ten new unreleased tracks plus several live tracks, including Executioner's cover of AC/DC's "Walk All Over You". The CD is now available.Only 500 copies are being pressed. CD's are available through Executioner at the prices and address listed below or you can get it   through one of our distributors listed on our links page.Most have secure online ordering.
$12.00 per copy(including shipping)
$14.00(including shipping)
send check or money order (well concealed cash accepted)to
c/o dan scannell
53 duffy drive
taunton mass.
AS of October 2001 we have several copies left....order soon!!
checks should be made out to dan scannell
If you are in the BOSTON area CD's are available at Newberry Comics and Tower Records,also available at Disc Diggers in Somerville.