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Executioner Bio
It was in 1984 that the city of Boston witnessed the birth of its first true thrash metal band, Executioner.
With Marc Johnson on vocals and guitars, Dan Scannell behind the drums, and Ari Vianio manning the
bass, Executioner immediately became the heaviest band to come out of Boston to date.
The track, "Victims of Evil" from the band's original demo tape was immediately picked up by Los Angeles
based New Renaissance Records and featured on the label's first, and best compilation, Speed Metal Hell.
"Victims of Evil" saw Executioner on its "Alive and Killing" tour throughout much of New England, and it was only a short time until the band inked a contract with New Renaissance for two full length albums. The band entered Le Studio in Boston and proceeded to record its debut album "In The Name Of Metal". Johnson
and Vainio shared lead vocals on this album, and songs such as "Stand Up And Fight" and "Death By The Blade" instantly gained local recognition.
As Executioner's popularity spread, a national tour was planned. The "In The Name Of Metal" tour took Executioner through dozens of cities including: Trenton, New Jersey, Miami, Florida, Enfield, Connecticut, Atlanta, Georgia, and one of the band's favorite cities, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, while in San Antonio, Texas, Vainio broke his hand and the remainder of the national tour had to be canceled.
Back in Boston, Executioner and Vainio parted company, but the band quickly regrouped, and after a brief stint with then-hair-stylist Greg Dellaria on bass, Seth Putnam (who later went on to greater fame as the brainchild behind the notorious A.C. a.k.a. Anal Cunt) was recruited to fill the bass slot on a permanent basis. With Putnam holding down the bottom end,Executioner launched back into the recording studio to record the follow-up to "In The Name Of Metal".
The second recording session took the band to Courtlan Recording Studios in Hanson, Massachusetts where they recorded the second album "Break The Silence". Without a doubt "Break The Silence" picked up where "In The Name Of Metal" left off and catapulted Executioner into the national spotlight. Johnson took over sole vocal responsibilities on the second album. Hailed by Mike Gitter of XXX Magazine as, "A blinding eruption of speed and power", "Break The Silence" left no doubt in the public's mind that Executioner had not only arrived, but also was a force to be reckoned with !
Following the release of the second album, Executioner embarked on what would be the band's first full-fledged nationwide tour, "Break The Silence, 1987". Even Putnam's having mono at the tour's inception could not keep the band down this time. The "Break The Silence" tour was a triumph which saw the band perform throughout the country with such top acts as: Megadeth, Voi Vod, Kreator, Nuclear Assault, D.R.I. Doctor Know, and Seattle's The Accused. Gary Tovar and Goldenvoice Productions hosted Executioner's Los Angeles concert which saw the band play before close to a thousand sweat-soaked fans.
Back in Boston, it was not long before Executioner and Putnam parted ways and a third bassist , Tommy Flynn was brought on board. With Flynn on bass, the band returned to the studio for a third time to record the album "In Cold Blood". Unfortunately shortly after the recording of "In Cold Blood" Executioner disbanded.
Johnson began teaching high school English. Scannell is now a railroad conductor/locomotive engineer for CSX Railroad (formerly Conrail), and Flynn is training to become a master plumber. Sadly, the "In Cold Blood" recording was left behind.........that is until now !
Almost ten years later, Executioner has re-formed to release "In Cold Blood" under the new title "The Storm After The Calm". Fans and critics alike are ALREADY praising "The Storm After The Calm" as, "Executioner's finest hour". The material is without a doubt heavier, better produced, and tighter than either of the preceeding releases, and much of what is out in the market today. With "The Storm After The Calm" slated for a June 2000 release, rumors of an Executioner reunion have already began to spread. No one can be certain exactly what the future holds,but time will tell,for as the quote inside the bands second L.P. cryptically prophesizes.
"The killing has only begun...."